Welcome to Nourishing Roots Community Acupuncture

Our mission is to help improve your wellbeing.
Fees are on a sliding scale:
Acupuncture $25-$60/treatment.
**Add $10 for first acupuncture visit.
NAET Allergy Elimination $40-$75/treatment.
**First NAET Visit is $75 – $140.
Herbal First Visit: $75-$140
Follow-ups are included in price of herbal medicine
No proof of income is required. You decide what you can afford.
The intention is for you to come in often enough
to really feel better and stay better!!

From My Blog

From Patients of NRCA…

“I am very glad and grateful there is an acupuncturist using the community acupuncture model in Ketchum. I wouldn’t have been able to afford weekly treatments and especially the relief I was able to get from getting 3 treatments in a week. I am currently receiving treatment for allergies, and I think it is good just for general stress management.”

- Peter Frey, Ketchum, ID

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