Welcome to Nourishing Roots Community Acupuncture

Our mission is to help improve your wellbeing.
Fees are on a sliding scale:

Acupuncture $30-$60/treatment. (*First visit: $90 to $150)

NAET Allergy Elimination $40-$75/treatment. (*First visit: $90 to $150)

*Herbal Consultation First visit: $90 to $150
(*Maria will complete a detailed health history and evaluation of 1 to 1 1/4 hours during the First Visit.) 
No proof of income is required. You decide what you can afford.
The intention is for you to come in often enough
to really feel better and stay better!!

From My Blog

From Patients of NRCA…

“Three years ago, I fell and hurt my shoulder and it has hurt me constantly since then. I went to a chiropractor and reflexologist with only little improvement. Since seeing Maria for acupuncture only three times, I have no more pain and a lot more movement in my shoulder. I’m very happy! Thank you, Maria!”

– Araseli Tirado, Hailey, ID

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